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I am very impressed with the store, it is the 1st in the Philippines. A factory outlet store so big and spacious just like in the US where it’s so common, and where all walks of life converge looking for a good deal. Even more timely, since crisis is looming in the world, everyone’s becoming bargain hunters. If you can provide products of good quality at an affordable price then that's really what people are looking for. People who have never thought of buying branded items now have the opportunity to own them. With more brands coming, MJ46 Center will be a success.
Mr. Pishu Mirpuri / President/ CEO RK Manufacturing


Personalization is everything!

Visit us at MJ46 Center and see the wonders of Personalization!

Now you can put your name, face, or any artwork (if the item permits) on footwear, apparel and accessories purchased in the store!

Great for gifts! A fun treat for groups of friends! A stunning display of unity in TEAM sports!

So just drop by the store and look for an MJ46 personnel to assist you!

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